CFA Level II Practice Exams and Refresher Classes

We are starting our CFA Level II practice exams and refresher classes from May 29th. This is a great way to sharpen the study materials in four to five months and get ready for mock exams in the final month of preparation. Having a proper schedule, studying with discipline, using the schedule and practicing lots of practice problems, and getting confusion solved by an instructor is an effective way to prepare for the CFA Level II exam in Dec 2020.

Detail Schedule

May 29Currency Exchange Rates: Understanding Equilibrium ValueNo
May 30Economic Growth and the Investment DecisionNo
June 5Economic Growth & Economics of RegulationNo
June 6Intercorporate InvestmentsReading 10-12
June 12Employee Compensation: Post-Employment and Share-BasedNo
June 13Multinational OperationsReading 13-14
June 19Analysis of Financial InstitutionsNo
June 20Evaluating Quality of Financial Reports & Integration of Financial Statement Analysis TechniquesReading 15-18
June 26Capital Budgeting & Capital StructureNo
June 27Capital Structure & Dividends and Share Repurchases: AnalysisReading 19-20
July 3Mergers and AcquisitionsNo
July 4Corporate Performance, Governance, and Business EthicsReading 21-23
July 10Using Multifactor Models & Analysis of Active Portfolio ManagementNo
July 11Measuring and Managing Market RiskReading 44 & 47
July 17Economics and Investment MarketsNo
July 18Exchange-Traded FundsReading 45-56
July 24Trading Costs & Electronic MarketsNo
July 25The Term Structure and Interest Rate DynamicsReading 43 & 48
Aug 7The Arbitrage-Free Valuation FrameworkNo
Aug 8Valuation and Analysis: Bonds with Embedded OptionsReading 32-33
Aug 14Credit Analysis ModelsNo
Aug 15Credit Default SwapsReading 34-35
Aug 21Pricing and Valuation of Forward CommitmentsNo
Aug 22Valuation of Contingent ClaimsReading 36-37
Aug 28Introduction to Linear RegressionNo
Aug 29Multiple RegressionReading 38
Sept 4Time Series AnalysisNo
Sept 5Machine Learning & Big Data ProjectsReading 4-5
Sept 11Big Data Projects & Probabilistic ApproachesNo
Sept 12Equity Valuation: Application and Processes & Return ConceptsReading 6-9
Sept 18Industry & Company AnalysisNo
Sept 19Discounted Dividend Valuation Reading 24-26
Sept 25Free Cash Flow ValuationNo
Sept 26Market Based ValuationReading 27-28
Oct 2Residual Income ValuationNo
Oct 3Private Company ValuationReading 29-31
Oct 9Private Real Estate InvestmentsNo
Oct 10Publicly Traded Real Estate SecuritiesReading 39-40
Oct 16Private Equity Valuation
Oct 17Introduction to Commodity and Commodity DerivativesReading 41-42
Oct 23EthicsNo
Oct 24EthicsReading 1-3
Oct 303-Hour Mock Exam
Oct 31Q & ANo
Nov 63-Hour Mock Exam
Nov 7Q & ANo
Nov 13Full Mock Exam
Nov 14Q & ANo
Nov 20Full Mock Exam
Nov 21Q & ANo
Nov 27Full Exam
Nov 28Q & ANo

Because of COVID-19, our classes are running online. We would like to go back to offline classes when the lockdown is over. However, online classes will always be available.

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